The HASHWallet family keeps on growing!

March 10, 2021
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The HASHWallet family keeps on growing!

We are delighted to announce that eSignus has joined Simplex with a partnership deal. Just like us, the Simplex team members are obsessed with the mass adoption of cryptos in a secure, fast, and innovative environment.

This union will enable HASHWallet users purchase cryptos with their credit or debit card seamlessly and securely using the HASHWallet app while being fully protected from any kind of fraud. Facilitating the acquisition of cryptocurrencies through our platform has always been an envisioned characteristic of the HASHWallet application. To achieve this feature, partnering with a world-leading solution like Simplex makes us more than happy, proud and satisfied. With Simplex’s solutions and HASHWallet added security layer, we aim to simplify fiat to crypto assets transactions and provide experts and newcomers a reliable and safe experience.

Simplex is a EU-licensed financial institution that recently had become a Principal Member of the Visa network. Founded in 2014, Simplex is trusted by major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. They process online credit card payments utilizing fraud analysis, risk management, and domain expertise. They operate with +45 cryptocurrencies and +50 fiat currencies making crypto purchases available for almost anyone.

As we have always stated, we have a strong commitment to innovation, quality and client satisfaction. We believe that, with professional, transparent, trustful and respectful partnerships, we can achieve what we are aiming for and beyond. Together with CardLab, Jelurida, Arrow, Changelly, and now with Simplex, we are growing steadily while bolstering our work and security-first business culture.

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