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$270.00 USD / $243.00 USD

Special Founder’s edition

HASHWallet brings together the strongest level of security with ease of use

An innovative hardware wallet to safeguard your crypto-assets in the shape of a convenient smart card full of premium features

What You See Is What You Sign

As a non-programmable device, nobody can modify the content stored in the hardware wallet. Thanks to its large e-ink screen, you will verify and validate any transaction in detail.

An innovative recovery process

Forget about endless lists of words in a piece of paper. With your new Recovery Card, the recovery of your hardware wallet has never been so simple and reliable at the same time.

Biometric trusted security

HASHWallet provides the cardholder with a higher level of security using biometrics. Its advanced fingerprint reader allows verifying your identity to sign any transaction in a trusted environment.

Take full control of your assets and operations with HASHWallet Manager

A powerful desktop & mobile suite of Apps to manage your crypto and hardware wallet with total confidence.


Product idea
Sep. 2018
Proof of concept prototype
Nov. 2018
Design validation & verification process
Feb. 2019
Second prototype was born
May 2019
Design and validation of the recovery system
Sep. 2019
Arrow certification
Nov. 2019
Start alpha prototype and end product
Jan. 2020
Beta boards testing and beta versions of the software
Mar. 2020
Crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo
May 2020
Device improvements and new capabilities
Sep. 2020
HASHWallet Alpha version
Oct. 2020
Alpha testing and new development cycle
Nov. 2020
HASHWallet beta version
Jan. 2021
Beta testing and final development cycle
Feb. 2021
Final hardware and firmware minor settings
Mar. 2021
Device manufacturing
Apr. 2021
First batch delivery
Jun. 2021

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