HASHWallet Features

Compatible with +11,000 Cryptos

HASHWallet is natively compatible with your favorite networks: Ethereum, Binance, Solana, Polygon, Optimism and many more.
Click here to see all supported cryptos and networks.

Flexible Wallet Management

Seedless Wallet

Never lose or compromise your private keys.

If you have already lost a private key or been hacked... This will make your day.

When you create a wallet directly from your HASHWallet app, the private key is never displayed or transmitted anywhere.

They are generated directly in your chip card and stored there for ever.

Meaning: No one will ever be able to read it.

Imported Wallet

Import all your seed phrases.

As of today, you might already use soft wallets like Trustwallet or Exodus ; or hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor.

It will take you 1 minute to import any of your seed phrases and protect your account with your HASHWallet card.

And don't worry.
The moment you input your words they are saved within the EAL6+ chip of your card, you can go offline to enhance your security.


Multiple seed phrases protected by the same chip card.

Only one HASHWallet is necessary to manage all your crypto wallets.

This is what we call “multiseed”.

You use the same chip card to validate transactions from any wallet you have created or imported, on all +11,000 compatible coins and chains.

Unlimited memory

Never worry about the space left on your device.

Create as many wallets as you need for each of the +11,000 cryptos we support.

There is no storage space limitation here.

Additionally, it will be convenient for you to organize your portfolio in the way you prefer.

Contactless Signature

To validate transactions from your mobile app, you just press your HASHWallet card against your phone - like this:

This card contains a microchip. In the world of electronics, we call it a “Secure Element”.

This Secure Element is a nano-engineered device that can run code on its own, in a perfectly close environment. In our protocol, we use this Secure Element mostly in these situations:

Setup + Wallet Creation

It generates your wallet's private key and stores it within forever.


It validates the request against the private key and sends back a confirmation.

One last thing!

Our chip is EAL6+ certified by the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC).

It is the maximum possible level of security. 

Superior to Ledger’s EAL5+ certification for example.

Wallet Recovery

Hm... Wallet Recovery?
Another risk of compromising my private key!

We heard this a lot...

And we understand you.

So much that we have designed a recovery system where your private key is *never* exposed to hackers because it simply never leaves the EAL6+ chip.

Never? How?

And how much does it cost?


Here's what happens:

When you receive your new HASHWallet card, you will re-initialize it with your app.

The recovery mechanism relies on the combination of a Recovery Seed and a Recovery Key happening within the EAL6+ chip of this new card.

Oh and it's free.
No extra cost charged.

Check this visual explanation:


Mobile app

Order your new card



New card shipped at home containing your personal Recovery Seed


Backup Center + App + Card

Contactless signature to fetch the Recovery Key stored from the Backup Center


EAL6+ Chip

Within the EAL6+ chip of your card, the Recovery Seed and Recovery Key are processed to re-compose all wallets’ Private Keys


EAL6+ Chip

Your Private Keys are now stored in your EAL6+ chip.
100% off-line and unbreakable.

We are proud to rely on HashiCorp’s Vault open-source technology to secure the Backup Center. Check our technical documentation to learn more about this extra security layer.

Family Backup

Worried about your crypto inheritance to your partner or children?

Our recovery process allows your close ones to order a new HASHWallet card and retrieve your crypto wallet.

No firmware updates

Avoid potential backdoors

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100% Satisfied or refunded
Free shipping worldwide
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2x National Cybersecurity Awards
100% Satisfied or refunded
Free shipping worldwide
2% rebate with
2x National Cybersecurity Awards
100% Satisfied or refunded
Free shipping worldwide
2% rebate with
2x National Cybersecurity Awards

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Create or import unlimited Seed Phrases within the EAL6+ chip of your card.
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