What if I lose both my Phone/App and my Card?

Losing both your phone/app and your card doesn't spell disaster. Here's what you can do:

1.- Obtain a duplicate of your SIM card and secure a new smartphone. This step is crucial because you'll need to regain access to your phone number for verification purposes.

2.- Once you have your new phone, download and open the HASHWallet Manager App. To log in, you'll be required to authenticate yourself. This involves entering verification codes that will be sent to both your email and your newly set-up phone.

3.- After successfully logging in to the app, navigate to the section where you can request a new backup card. This card is essential for the recovery process.

4.- Upon receiving your new backup card, you'll be able to initiate the recovery process. This step will enable you to retrieve all your private keys, ensuring that you regain access to your crypto assets.

By following these steps, you can restore your digital wallet's functionality and access your assets, even if you lose both your phone/app and your card.

Can I import a wallet already managed by another hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor,…)?

Certainly! You can import as many existing wallets as you like. To add new wallets, navigate to the settings in the upper right corner, select "Scan and set keys," and then "Import keys from a seed phrase". 

You will be prompted to enter offline your mnemonic phrase and passphrase. After completing this process, you’ll be ready to manage all your crypto assets from only one app, enhancing the security of your keys and transactions with your HASHWallet.

For added convenience, we recommend storing your portfolio information in the Backup Center right after you set up your wallet. This ensures that should you ever lose your card, retrieving your keys will also grant you immediate access to all the wallets you previously had, streamlining the process of getting back on track with your crypto assets.

Why do we say that the key recovery is completely anonymous?

With our method, you don't need to send us any personal information. Not even the email or phone associated with your account, nothing at all.

When you order your Backup Card by accessing your Backup Center directly from the App, a number is sent with which the manufacturer can create a card identical to yours, but uninitialized, just as you received it on the first day before connecting it to your App.

Once you have the card, you will be the one who starts the recovery process, which combines the Recovery Seed and the Recovery Key within the secure element, to restore your private key.

How can I diversify the risk of my funds?

A good strategy is to utilize multiple HASHWallet cards with separate HASHWallet accounts associated with different email addresses. (You can create an end-to-end encrypted email account with our partner ProtonMail, here).

You could also enhance security by using a different phone number for each account. This strategy adds an extra layer of protection to your savings.

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