Security tips before getting started:

How the HASHWallet system secures your access?

Unlike other manufacturers, HASHWallet does not use PINs or passwords to access your crypto because they present a clear security issue: If you lose them, you lose access to your money.

With HASHWallet, access to your crypto is based on possessing at least two of these three elements: your card, access to your email account, and access to your phone. This system considerably strengthens your security compared to other cold wallet providers.

Here is how you can secure those elements:

1) Choose a secure email provider, such as our partner ProtonMail, that offers end-to-end encryption.

2) Utilize an email account you don't use for other purposes, and do not share it with anyone or install it on your phone.

3) If you believe it necessary to enhance your security even further, you could also consider using a phone number different from your usual one.

4) Activate biometric access. This will elevate security and ease your access to the app.

These measures, combined with the comprehensive security features provided by HASHWallet, will help you to shield your assets.

-> For an extra layer of convenience, ensure that your portfolio data is saved in the Backup Center immediately after your card is set up or whenever you create/import new keys. This action will provide direct access to all your wallets if your card is lost. Not storing this information means you'd need to remember each wallet you've created or imported, adding an unnecessary layer of complexity to the recovery process.

How to set up my HASHWallet

Here you have some information to guide you to set up your HASHWallet 😊


1) Create your account with a unique email: We recommend using our partner, Proton Mail, due to its encryption. Keep in mind that you may receive authentication codes both to your email and phone, so the more secure your email provider, the better.

2) Enable biometric access: This adds an extra layer of security.

NFC Scanning:

1) When scanning the card: Remember that it is reading information, so you must keep it still in the same place until the system finishes reading it (this may take a little while).

2) NFC antenna location: On Android phones, the NFC antenna is usually located in the upper half of the back, so place the card vertically in that area. On iPhones, the antenna is more towards the top of the front of the phone, so place the card in that area.

Scanning a new card:

To scan a new card, simply follow these steps:

1) Turn on your NFC

2) Go to the settings gear at the top right -> scan and configure keys

3) Place your card as explained above and follow the steps until the process is complete

Which cryptocurrencies and tokens does HASHWallet support?

HASHWallet supports more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies and more to come!

Where are my Private Key and my Passphrase?

Where are my Private Key and my Passphrase?

With the HASHWallet’s system, your keys are completely secret. For you, for us, for everyone. This provides you:

1.   Maximum Security: The keys are protected from being shared, photographed, or lost, greatly reducing the risk of human error.

2.   Ease of Use: There is no need to enter your keys to sign your transactions anymore. With just a simple tap of your card, your transactions are securely and effortlessly signed.

How are your First Seedless Private Keys generated with HASHWallet?

To create a new wallet, you need to use your HASHWallet. Upon connecting it to your App via NFC, your Private Key, and Passphrase are randomly generated within the EAL6+ secure element. The Private Key remains securely stored within the HASHWallet's chip, while the Pass Phrase is sent and stored in the encrypted app.

These seedless keys are not BIP39 compatible and remain entirely secret, unknown to anyone, including yourself, which significantly enhances the security of your cryptocurrencies. Your secret private key remains forever stored within the EAL6+ certificated chip and can never be extracted. Therefore it cannot be shared, photographed, or misplaced. This reduces the possibility of losing access to your funds due to human error to practically zero.

How secure is the HASHWallet Manager App?

The HASHWallet Manager App incorporates advanced security features to ensure the protection of your transactions:

1.   The App is fully encrypted.

2.   Each time the app is launched, its authenticity is verified and your phone is checked to confirm that it hasn't been jailbroken (iOS) or rooted (Android). Should either of these checks fail, the application will cease to function.

3.   The HASHWallet Manager App functions within a white-box cryptography environment, designed to safeguard cryptographic keys and the operations conducted within the app. This robust security measure is specifically designed to resist reverse engineering attempts and unauthorized key extraction.

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