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Download the application, configure your access with email and phone number.


Within your session, scan your card and start the pairing of your card.


Our system checks and confirms that the card has not been altered before it is utilized.

Ready to use

Once your account is activated, your private and recovery keys are generated.

Compatible with any crypto

Discover the magic of a unique, easy and secure experience with our HASHWallet manager application.

Security and simplicity in one place

Discover all the functionalities offered by HASHWallet manager in a securely and privately.

Management at a glance

Manage one or more cards, check your accounts easily and securely using face ID.

Simplicity in action

Bring your HASHWallet card close to your cell phone to approve a transaction.

Discover how our app works

Trade with total peace of mind, buy, sell, and exchange thanks to our Simplex and Changelly integrations.

No need to write them down or remember any keys

In case your card goes missing, you can request a replacement at any time and generate a backup.

Zero-knowledge backup system

We assist you setup your keys recovery system. We are not able to access your backup, only you can recover your private and your public keys.

Order a new card

Select the card you want to duplicate from the application. We process your request and send you a new card with the original Recovery Seed.

Scan your new card

Scan your card; our system checks that it is new, and use your backup center to generate your keys.

Ready to use

Your keys are restored, and everything is prepared. Your card is now activated and ready for use.

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Where do you store our backups?
What will happen when I die?
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