HASHWallet will integrate Changelly in the App

February 20, 2021
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HASHWallet will integrate Changelly in the App

Sharing the same goal of mass adoption and future-vision, eSignus is proud and excited to announce a partnership with Changelly.

Changelly is a non-custodial exchange that acts as an intermediary between the user and the cryptocurrency trading platforms. Founded in 2015, Changelly is one of the leading exchanges in the crypto ecosystems with more than 2M monthly traffic. They provide a hassle-free process that integrates seamlessly with our application for anyone who wants to invest and store cryptos.

With this integration, HASHWallet users will be able to purchase and swap cryptocurrencies through high-quality services that the HASHWallet App offers and at the best conversion rates, all within the convenience and safety of our application.

While Changelly offers a reliable transaction experience with a wide number of token and currencies, the variety of crypto assets that a hardware wallet is able to support and safely keep becomes a limitation for practical uses and security matters. Today, devices in the market offer a constrained number of supported tokens and demand a highly risky, burdensome firmware upgrade to enable new asset operations and storage. HASHWallet’s HOLa system is a unique approach to solve this problem making it future-proof while keeping it absolutely secure.

HASHWallet works based on sets of instructions sent from the Manager App that operates with our HASHWallet Operation Language (aka HOLa). These sets of instructions are designed openly and transparently by our team or by any external collaborator and it is securely signed by eSignus to avoid malicious modifications. Once the community validates the information that will be sent to the card, any HASHWallet owner will be able to use it, without a new firmware version. Therefore, the HOLa interpreter will turn HASHWallet into the world’s first hardware wallet to process and securely store practically all of the +170 crypto assets that Changelly lists.

With the solid layer of security that HASHWallet provides, the integration with Changelly will definitely open a trustful, experience-rich gateway for the most demanding users.

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