HASHWallet launches its crowdfunding campaign with a special 30% off deal

April 27, 2020
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HASHWallet launches its crowdfunding campaign with a special 30% off deal

Working with several international investors, it has developed a range of unique products and high tech solutions

HASHWallet, an innovative hardware wallet developed by eSignus to safeguard crypto-assets in the shape of a convenient smart card, announces the start of its crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO. Sales of HASHWallet has started on April 28th, 2020.

In 2019, 4.4 billion dollars in Crypto assets had been stolen or lost. The losses grow with the increasing number of users and the value of the assets in the market. In 2017 this figure rose to 1.2 billion and in 2018 it reached 1.8 billion dollars. There is ten times more fraud per user than in the traditional financial sector.

Thankfully, HASHWallet’s hardware wallet has solved the long-existing security challenge that has made many Crypto users lose sleep over their crypto assets. In fact, it brings together the strongest level of security with the ease of use.

Many consumers today see crypto-assets as a fast-track to easy wealth. But yet, many are still scared to own and store them because they are ‘virtual’ and you can’t actually hold them. Coupled with the news on how big ‘security-focused’ crypto exchanges are getting hacked, many crypto users/ investors have thought it wise to get a crypto hard wallet and get full control of their assets.

So, whether you are knowledgeable or not, it is essential to know this: in a decentralized system, the user is the only one keeper of the security of his/her assets; and transactions here are non-reversible. That is, there is nobody to be held responsible for covering any fraud loss if it happens. Thankfully, a haven to these existing challenges have arrived, it’s HASHWallet.

Interestingly, HASHWallet is so environmentally secured that as a user, you can comfortably use it to authenticate or sign a transaction anywhere without worrying about risk or impersonation or losing your key. In other words, you can perform transactions anytime, anywhere without any atom of worry.

Months ago, HASHWallet entered into Arrow Certification Program. After a thorough review of their idea, ArrowGlobal found HASHWallet to be one of the outstanding innovative technologies in the crypto space. HASHWallet got endorsed and received the “Arrow Certified Technology” Badge, meaning that engineers from Arrow have assessed the project and evaluated it as feasible for manufacturing.

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