An update for our beta testers

September 7, 2020
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An update for our beta testers

Dear HASHWallet backers,

While our crowdfunding campaign was live, we asked our backers to join our beta testing program. We are still overwhelmed with the community's warm response, as many were willing to share their time and knowledge with us and join our efforts to improve the product. From technical details to user experience, together, we will soon be tracking every issue reported or any idea from our beta testers team since we consider this phase as crucial to our product development process.

The entire eSignus team is currently working carefully on this program’s primary purpose with dedicated documentation, structuring the FAQs, setting up the right communication channels, and defining expectations of all of the exciting features tested with the HASHWallet and the HASHWallet Manager.

The hardware

We will be receiving the beta testing cards that will render the final product’s main technical features in a short time. We expect to send these cards to each of our program members by the end of October.

The software

Once the program starts, testers will be able to download and install the mobile application’s beta version. As we are willing to push a smooth and fulfilling experience with our production version, any bug report will be fixed in this stage, and all the ideas, impressions, and scenarios will be considered and studied profoundly.

If you have any questions regarding the Beta Testing Program, please feel free to contact our team, and we will be happy to help you.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our Beta program and the HASHWallet project!

Stay tuned as we will keep updating exciting news about our progress and new, improved concepts in our card design.

Stay safe.

The HASHWallet team.

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