After forced distancing, we finally got together!

September 18, 2020
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After forced distancing, we finally got together!

Although our team members are scattered throughout Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Gran Canaria, Sevilla, and Tenerife), we have met continuously before the coronavirus outbreak. Even with an organized and robust remote work culture, we believe that physical meetups are essential events that nurture and strengthen our internal bonds. Real-time decision making, generating new ideas and refocusing perspectives, sharing knowledge and feedback from each of us, face to face, is not only practical but engaging, fun, and inspiring.

Last week, with certain restrictions due to local regulations and security measures, we finally reunited the entire eSignus team at our development facilities located on the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria university campus. We sat, discussed, and exchanged views concerning every detail of our HASHWallet hardware wallet project. Our CEO, Daniel Hernández, shared uplifting updates regarding investors; our CTO, José Ramón Sendra, announced important hardware and firmware improvements. Even core developers came up with exciting insights together with the marketing team. We ended with a feeling that every minute of our meetup was worthful, rewarding, and encouraging.

Security first

We take security seriously. Our firm’s primary goal is to deliver intuitive, easy to use tools that engage users in adopting decentralized systems within a secure environment. Our main mission is to protect our end-users, but we believe that this needs to start by securing each of our valuable team members. With loads of hand sanitizers, state-of-the-art masks, personal distancing, and splitting ourselves into two meticulously predesigned groups, we managed to recreate risk-free productive working conditions.

Feel free to ask us about our sleek corporate masks.

Half a year has passed since the state of emergency was declared. The pandemic broke out right before our crowdfunding campaign, but thanks to our backers’ continuous support, we managed to fund the HASHWallet hardware wallet project. Our community, suppliers, investors, partners, and each of our team members make us feel safe, guarded, and even more united in these uncertain times.

We live in a rapidly changing world with new values, new forms of socializing and working, new ways to take care of each other and ourselves, new limits, opportunities, and rules. We are defining new concepts of interactions in society. eSignus is continuously working to undertake the path to a modern shape of freedom and privacy that will be inclusive, transparent, and mass-adopted.

Will you join us?

Keep tuned; keep safe.

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