Backup Center

Where Cutting-Edge Security Meets User-Centric Design

Your Crypto, Your Rules, Your Backup

Whether you want to create a seedless wallet or use your mnemonic seed words, explore the benefits of the Backup Center

Impenetrable Encryption

When you set up your HASHWallet card, it creates a unique CardID and establishes a highly secure encrypted connection with the Backup Center, ensuring maximum asset security.

Manufacturer-Grade Security

Each HASHWallet card features an EAL+6 certified Secure Element, adding an impenetrable layer of protection, making it tamper-proof and resistant to hacks.

Hassle-Free Portfolio Recovery

In addition to securing your assets, Backup Center also preserves your portfolio structure, simplifying the recovery process when needed.

Zero-Knowledge Vault

Through our partnership with HashiCorp, Backup Center becomes your Zero-Knowledge Vault. You control access to your stored tokens, passwords, and encryption keys.

User-Centric Recovery Empowerment

If you ever lose your HASHWallet card or the medium holding your 24 seed words, worry not. Only you possess the ability to decrypt and recover your assets using the Backup Center

Download the app and log in, you must have your card at hand, as it is necessary to activate your account

Initialization HASHWallet Card options

Follow the instructions that will appear on your screen, remembering to keep the card close by at all times during the process.

Your account is ready, now you can create specific spaces to enter your cryptoassets or make automatic transactions.

Future-Proofing Your Crypto Portfolio

Multi-Seed Management

Simplify crypto management by importing multiple seed phrases and maintaining a unified portfolio view.

Self-Recovery Expansion

Gain full control of your assets without relying on Backup Center.

Secure View Against Forced Access

Create a protective password to display a fake view in situations of forced access.

Managing Your Crypto Assets
Has Never Been So Secure

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