HASHWallet vs Tangem

HASHWallet and Tangem are alike as they are both chip card wallets. However, HASHWallet, among others, offers these remarkable convenient features:

Multiseed – 1 card, Many Seed Phrases

By buying only one card, you can manage as many private keys as you want. This means you can import your Ledger, your Trezor, and any other seed phrases you have in less secure hardware wallets and manage all of them securely from the HASHWallet App.

You will also be able to create as many seedless wallets as you want.

-> A seedless wallet has a secret private key stored securely within the card's chip, and no one, not even you or us, will ever know it. It works on the principle: “If you want to hide a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” Thus, what is unknown can hardly be stolen.

Recovery Process

With Tangem, losing your cards means losing access to your funds, as there is no actual recovery system available. They only provide copies in advance, which you may misplace as easily as your main card.

However, HASHWallet offers a twice-awarded recovery process that allows you to request a backup card through your app when you really need it.

To clarify:

->  We do not have access to your keys nor store them anywhere

->  We do not recover your keys; it is only you who can initialize the recovery process

Shielded App

Our app is not only encrypted but also secured against bots and other threats to ensure that only you have access to it.

The HASHWallet app is also protected against fake apps. This means that if someone clones the app, it won’t work, so they won’t be able to transfer any funds.

->  No other hardware wallet we know of has claimed these security measures on their application at the moment this FAQ was written.

You can learn more about the HASHWallet Security Framework in our documentation

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