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LiorCard Titanium



Physical card for digital assets management. Comes with the mobile application and multiple perks from the EiC ecosystem.

“We have designed this card to offer the best possible security and experience for our members and the management of their assets.”

Clémentine LANGLOIS
President EiC Corp France

What's included in LiorCard?

A Gold Acquisition Plan

Automatic investment in physical gold over 36 months.

Subscribe to a physical gold acquisition plan - a 36-month savings plan for everyone. GOLD for everyone.
- Choose your monthly savings plan: 10 LiorG, 20 LiorG, 50 LiorG or 100 LiorG.
- Convert your LiorG into physical gold starting at 360 LiorG.
- You receive a certificate attesting to your ownership of physical gold at the end of your plan.
- You can keep or resell your assets at the end of your GOLD capitalization plan.
- You can have your GOLD embossed on a pin or medal with the G25 EiC Corporation logo.

Access Card

1 week to discover the best opportunities from LiorBank, LiorCapital and iCapitalior.

EiC Corporation is a private organization that provides access to finance through financial education. With the LiorCard, you discover our environment for 1 week to access all the platforms to decide to become a member and be co-opted:
- Financial training on LFI,
- Join a Liorbank investment club,
- Benefit from the 8 innovative investment opportunities offered by LiorCapital and iCapitalior.

Payment card

A pre-paid Master Card to use in +2,500 shops, in 250 countries.

Buy and Top-Up your Mastercard prepaid cardwith your Crypto Assets. You will be able to use it in:
- Merchant payments from your crypto or Fiat currencies,
- With over 2,500 listed brands,
- In over 250 countries.

Hardware Wallet

Moving your assets will only be possible with the combination of your LiorCard and mobile app.

Valid for all your e-wallets (iCapital Ventures and others).
- Enhanced security for the management of your electronic wallets, as private keys are never displayed or transmitted anywhere, but stored on your card.
- You use the same card to validate transactions in any wallet you've created or imported, on all +11,000 compatible coins and chains.
- Contactless signature
- To validate transactions from your mobile application, simply press your LiorCard against your phone.
- Flexibility in the event of card loss: by ordering a new card, you automatically recover your environment with a recovery key.

Pay, receive and transfer digital assets

Be self-sovereign and be able to send, receive, and pay in P2P scenarios. No middle man or restrictions in your transactions.

- Easy you use, with a Tap and Pay user experience.
- Manage your privacy by creating as many wallets as you need.
- There is no limitation on the number of wallets.


Use your digital assets as collateral to get a short-term loan.

- Use your digital assets to be able to loan USD or EUR in exchange.
- Cancel the loan whenever you need it.
- Extend your loan or increase the amounts, using more collateral, with total flexibility.

A chip card to safeguard your crypto.
For eternity.

For eternity?

For eternity.

LiorCard Titanium is a hardware wallet for digital assets.

And this limited edition has been crafted with eSignus to make it compatible with your portfolio management.

Your private keys are generated and stored in the chip of your LiorCar Titanium card.

Which looks like this:

A credit card?

Nope. Just a chip card.

You will use it to sign your transactions in your mobile app, by pressing the card against your phone.

Just like that:

What if I lose the card though?🤔

We designed a unique and anonymous wallet recovery process.

Allowing you and your heirs to order a new card and safely retrieve access to your funds.

Compare LiorCard



Ease of Use

1-step process
Signing process
3-step & cumbersome process
Contactless signing
Signing method
Manual signing with cable
3-min setup
Complex setup

Key recovery

Identification required
No subscription fee
9.99€/mth subscription
Anytime on Telegram
Rare social media AMAs


No firmware update ever needed
Firmware updates
Firmware update needed  every year
EAL6+ chip: Military-Level security
Chip Certification
EAL5+ chip: moderate security
Keys always unknown
Keys secrecy
Keys exposed


Unlimited seed phrases per device
Seed phrase management
1 per device
Unlimited wallets per coin
Wallets & Coins
Limited by memory
Secure your inheritance
No inheritance mechanism


What happens if I lose my LiorCard?

If you lose your LiorCard, you can always order a backup card through your app and initiate the recovery of your funds.

What is the quality of the gold, and how is it tracked in my savings plan?

Gold quality 18 carats (Physical Gold), to be delivered at the end of the saving plan (shipped) with a gold certificate attached. The Gold Savings Plan offered concierge’s services discounts advantages ( car rent, hotel, eSIM cards, vacation and so on ..)

Do I need to subscribe to local services when I travel, or are they included in my services?

There is no need to subscribe to any local services; they are already included in your Gold Plan advantages.

Can I retrieve my existing number?

Yes, you can retrieve your existing number. The process is explained on our internet website

What are the key benefits of being part of EiC Corporation with LiorCard?

EiC Corporation is a private organization that provides financial services to its members. Through our educational platform, Liors Finance Institute, and our related services (Liorbank,iCapitalior),  members will be able to train in finance to become accredited investors, make international payments and money transfers, ask for P2P Lending, and get direct investment opportunities in SMEs and International firms.

What exclusivities are reserved for members of the EiC Corporation ecosystem?

Members of the EiC Corporation ecosystem benefit from exclusive access to in-depth financial training on the LFI platform to learn finance and put into practice directly (“Learning by Doing”) on the Liorbank, as well as privileged investment opportunities on the Liorbank and iCapitalior platforms. They also have the opportunity to take part in events and forums reserved for networking. The card also comes with a book entitled “Finance Numerique” (Digital Finance) and a silver G25 pin, making members responsible investors in the real economy. Members also benefit from preferential rates on services and products from EiC Corporation partners, and personalized assistance in developing their business or career.

Are there flexible payment options or subscription plans?

The LiorCard offers flexible payment options, including the possibility of a monthly or annual subscription, which gives access to the EiC Corporation ecosystem. Rates vary according to status and membership level.

Are the fees the same for companies and individuals?

To ensure accessibility and fairness, the EiC Corporation ecosystem's membership fees are the same for companies and individuals. 

Is the onboarding process entirely online or does it require physical interaction?

The process of joining the EiC Corporation ecosystem can be carried out entirely online, without the need for physical interaction. Also, the onboarding process includes an approval stage to check the applicant’s eligibility.

Do I pay to be an EiC Corporation member?

To be a member of EIC Corporation, you need an annual membership. The membership amount depends on your status, if you are an individual or a company, and the services you want to access.

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