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Your portfolio at a glance

Get a clear overview of your wallets and cryptocurrency portfolio balance. A simple and accurate dashboard giving you all the information you need, such as assets distribution or a live corresponding value in your chosen currency. Never lose track of how your coins are performing.

Easy transaction set up

Bitcoin transactions are complex by nature. But with HASHWallet Manager, you will perform any operation in an intuitive and easy to use interface. Security meets simplicity in HASHWallet to help every user to transfer his assets step by step successfully.

As many wallets as you need

Add the number of wallets you need from your favourite coins. You can easily organize and handle them through HASHWallet Manager. View and manage multiple wallets easily and get every detail directly on your App.

HASHWallet Manager will run on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux

The HASHWallet Manager Apps suite makes it easier for every cryptocurrency users and will provide versions to manage your portfolio on the operating system of your choice.