Supported assets

Major cryptocurrencies, including the most widely used currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others. Also, it is ready to hold any token based on the ERC-20 protocol.
Some hardware wallets allow a limited number of assets. There are wallets only for Bitcoin or limited only to the main currencies.

Form factor

Credit card with large display
USB Memory stick, simple calculator, credit card and others.


Bluetooth & NFC
USB, USB-C, QR code, Bluetooth, NFC.


Non programmable / EAL6+ secure element
Some cases with their own operating system and secure elements EAL5+

Recovery process

Recovery key + Recovery seed + Fingerprint
As a general rule, the 24-word system is used, and there are also options based on Shamir backup.


PIN, Password and some advanced options use a fingerprint.


$270.00 USD / $243.00 USD
Taxes not-included
Low-cost options from 49.00 USD to advanced options of 230.00 USD

Prices consulted for the EU on each official website on March 19/2020

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of HASHWallet when compared to other hardware wallets?

HASHWallet provides a stronger security level than other hardware wallets due to several key features:

  • It’s a non-programmable device. This feature creates a really secure environment for signing transactions and the safeguard of the keys.
  • The private key is not known even by the user, and there is no way to extract it from the card. You can’t steal what you don’t know. This makes HASHWallet invulnerable to external attacks.
  • Public/Private keys are generated inside the card through a random process, which cannot be replicated. No external seeds are used to generate keys.
  • Its large electronic ink display allows to visualize all the details of the transactions and validate them, avoiding any possibility of fraud or identity theft, and it complies with the philosophy “What You See Is What You Sign”.