How secure is the HASHWallet Manager App?

The HASHWallet Manager App incorporates advanced security features to ensure the protection of your transactions:

1.   The App is fully encrypted.

2.   Each time the app is launched, its authenticity is verified and your phone is checked to confirm that it hasn't been jailbroken (iOS) or rooted (Android). Should either of these checks fail, the application will cease to function.

3.   The HASHWallet Manager App functions within a white-box cryptography environment, designed to safeguard cryptographic keys and the operations conducted within the app. This robust security measure is specifically designed to resist reverse engineering attempts and unauthorized key extraction.

Where do you store our backups?

Your security is our top priority. That's why one component of your backup is stored offline in Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) during the card's manufacturing. Meanwhile, you control the other component through the App, in the Backup Center, a Zero-Knowledge, open-source server based on the Vault service from HashiCorp.

While both components are vital for the recovery process, neither contains the Private Key, ensuring top-level security.

Who has access to the backups?

Only the user has access to their Zero-Knowledge Vault and can initiate the recovery process by requesting a new card. This requires access to their email and mobile phone. The keys are always generated on the secure element of the card and cannot be extracted in any way. Your keys are completely private and solely yours. Even if eSignus is potentially requested by a government or law enforcement to do so, we at eSignus can not recover anything.

What will happen when I die?

If you want heirs for your crypto funds, you must give them a Backup Card. The next step is for your heirs to get access to your phone line as access to their inheritance.

They can not use the HASHWallet Link card before its initialization, so they will need access to your email (which you might not have given anyone) or phone line. This way, they will only have access to the crypto funds after your death.

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